Email List Building

Build an active and engaged customer database – Easily

When it comes to digital marketing, first-party data is the holy grail – and that means building an email database of active consumers interested in your brand and products. Sending an email directly to your internal database, especially during a key e-commerce timeframe, is far less expensive and more targeted than “hoping” you reach the right people who are interested in purchasing your products. Instead of waiting for the next promotion or key sales window, you should invest now, and start building that long-term relationship with these consumers. AtlantaLogix offers marketers the ability to purchase the email addresses of these “in-market” consumers and start sending them internal email messaging.


Additional Email Solutions

While one email solution is enough, upgrading your email marketing capabilities through AtlantaLogixs full suite of email marketing options can take your digital email marketing to the next level. Explore our other options and connect with a team member today to begin your marketing expansion.