About Us

Who We Are

We are a collective of marketing professionals who have realized the true potential of digital marketing and user data collection. Having worked in the digital marketing space for over 25 years collectively, the AtlantaLogix team lives and breathes the industry. Having identified that traditional Click Through Rates (CTRs) are overpriced, the collective team at AltantaLogix have combined their individual areas of expertise to create a multi-channel marketing approach that identifies highly active and engaged consumers through several digital touch points, and then deliver content directly to these highly motivated consumers.

Do More

It’s time to stop accepting old fashioned digital marketing. Make your marketing dollars go farther with a zero-waste campaign using the most advanced audience targeting available. AtlantaLogix utilizes advanced technology to efficiently and effectively reach your targeted consumer at the right time in their product or content search journey. Combining our knowledge of traditional marketing and advanced technology has allowed us to successfully market to highly engaged consumers from various touch points.