Accelerating Healthcare's

Digital Marketing

A Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

AtlantaLogix is a State-of-the-Art Digital Marketing Company that is reaching over 1.5 billion devices in the US every month. Utilizing our proprietary software, we identify actively engaged consumers within thousands of unique niche product categories or content interests. AtlantaLogix immediately identifies users engaged with relevant content, and then directly targets them with ads that are ideal for their niche, thus increasing your Click Through Rates (CTR) and reducing the effective Cost Per Impression (CPM). Our goal is to maximize your campaign ROI, and minimize wasted ad impressions to consumers that may not be interested in your product or offer, all while following the rigorous healthcare & government compliance policies.

The Future of Digital Advertising

Introducing Programmatic+

Welcome to the only way to do programmatic advertising. Identify motivated consumers after they’ve interacted with content related to a specific niche 5+ times. Filter this user data to build your micro target market around consumers niches and serve ads directly to the ideal buyer, consistently.

Step 1

Niche consumer identified by 5 unique web interactions

Step 2

User data overlaid to build micro target market

Step 3

User data uploaded to a programmatic+ network based on a user match

Step 4

Programmatic+ serves ad to consumer

Step 5

User clicks on the ad and converts

Who We Are

AtlantaLogix is a collective group of marketing professionals dedicated to changing the standard of digital marketing in the healthcare space. With access to over 300 million emails, the ability to filter the emails based on specific niche markets, and display ads to that specific active consumer, while following healthcare regulations & compliance, we’ve accelerated traditional programmatic advertising.